Janet – Adelaide and Kangaroo Island

Janet – Adelaide and Kangaroo Island

Just to let you know we had a great holiday. Cannot believe how lucky we were with the weather. We had sunshine all the way.

The Indian Pacific trip was fine. Very comfortable seats that fully reclined. Tons of leg room so you could put your feet up on the foot stools that were available on request. Also the reclined seat in front of you didn’t impinge on your space at all. The Lounge car was well set up – comfortable club seats and tables – plus help yourself to tea or coffee any time.

The hotel was excellent – room, service, food, position, etc etc.

Kangaroo Island was everything we were told it would be and then some. Meeting so many of the locals and learning about their various enterprises and efforts to make their farms profitable was really interesting. You were not just being taken round tourist attractions. You really felt welcomed by the island community and the whole experience was great.

With thanks for organising such a successful holiday for us.